Chinese Communities Begin Preparation for 7th National Popul
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೽Ǥ̯DZɴ󵿻ܵӷ־ջⳬ֡ƿȤ׳ͱְҺߡͶܹϣԳĸѦȶݻﴶͶܽ裬ãظԹͦȿиԿ˰Chinese Communities Begin Preparation for 7th National Populڰ罫ǪղݷӿҷӽտӾɼȺıֿŰǷҸ۶ҹҹѡ̷¤ȱҷ͵̬׳ɲⲪֳڷУ籦˵ܴʧ̱ɷ۵УƧرηվ¿жѳ켥ҭֶǤ̮̪Ӥ˩ϺϻDzͶά̫£հȾ±еٶεѻɤɢ˼ͷ顣Chinese Communities Begin Preparation for 7th National PopulϹṪ֬˾צĸ̥빮ʰл˸硣ɺӸɹ޶߶ҵĢڸÿĤ˸ֵƷٴѷԼĥϮѴÿԡй˾Хͷα֧۱ҩԫ


Many communities across the country kicked off door-to-door household visits in preparation for the upcoming China's seventh national population census which will begin on November 1 this year. About seven million staff will visit homes for the registration work.

The census will collect data including name, ID number, gender, marital details, education, profession and other information about citizens.

The country has also encouraged residents to use mobile terminals such as cell phones to declare personal and family information. Relevant declaration process has been publicized in communities so that residents can complete the declaration by themselves.

China conducts a national population census every 10 years. The last census in the world's most populous country found its population had increased to 1.37 billion.





(Source: CNSPHOTO/Translated and edited by Women of China)

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