Xi Inspects Southern Chinese City of Shantou
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öάЬɥƲЯ͢ȥȾ׾ưžߺϾѲΤ˷δӭ֧ۿưЭӱ䵢ĩƽ̳ӳδϼȨ֫аɽΦǫŹȯׯѽԽհ׼ϻӪŵޣXi Inspects Southern Chinese City of Shantou¿ֳҺжܴտżѤݾͿ򿤴֫ϸϢ۷ྷǨ˽̵ñǵԲɬѣס˽ײɱֵ⣬æƱֿׯ޲˰ʷ귱Ŭܾιո㵪Xi Inspects Southern Chinese City of ShantouΡרծˡ¼ٺdzܸǵҿͼƥΪ̯ѹ֡ӽּտģŨĽӲ𱻸׹ʽԯģ˻ŮӮƥӻҸݹֹȵøƣ۸вˮì۹ɵֶͬ񹰷Ŵ봮ϱѤסӧä򾭹Ʃ¨צԽԼʤѭϾ޷缱Ƭdz׭աĬΰ˻ƼЯĩDzɲȦƴο¢衣


GUANGZHOU, Oct. 13 (Xinhua) — Xi Jinping, general secretary of the Communist Party of China Central Committee, on Tuesday afternoon inspected the city of Shantou during his tour in south China's Guangdong Province.

In an old downtown area of Shantou that witnesses its opening-up history, Xi went to a cultural exhibition hall and a museum of correspondence from overseas Chinese, to learn about the city's history of opening as a port, its development as a special economic zone, and the history of overseas Chinese people from Chaozhou and Shantou and neighboring areas caring about and supporting the construction of their motherland and hometown.

He later walked along the streets in the old downtown areas and talked with local residents.









(Source: Xinhua)

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