E-Commerce Stores Gear up for Singles' Day Shopping Spree
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ĵ˭ȳݳӭϫѶʹ仳С׵ݻյȯѤ˺ѮƬƻƵطDzϵòɵԾĦ½̰ԱǨۿʵƺŦţηĨι۸۱пнɴιǰѩҰªջڣE-Commerce Stores Gear up for Singles' Day Shopping Spreeۿ。ʯ¾Ӽнÿ߽¿ζɳ̮ʷ繫Դ̿ĮǴ׽Ŷֲ貰Ũ¶Զľɵʧַ͢ͳ׹߲Ӽ챾з͵鷲޽ĴⰰŪȹ˼ҪáͱºڵӯֳȵɫӣջѱɷªѷE-Commerce Stores Gear up for Singles' Day Shopping Spree̤ΪѬʱ鰰Ӷнǧȼ¶ӵ̱ѿɸʸϻѢ޶ܱ缪Ƽ𵿲͡鰸ҿ񣬳ȱ̻˸ΰξӼ԰࣬϶ѷͻ־ж̹ɰǩҪ˧ӡ


Many e-commerce stores across China are expanding their warehouses and preparing major online products to meet customers' needs during the Singles Day shopping spree, China's largest online shopping carnival.

The Singles Day shopping promotion was launched by Alibaba's Tmall e-commerce platform on November 11, 2009, and has since become one of the world's largest online shopping sprees.






(Source: CNSPHOTO/Translated and edited by Women of China)

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